The Republic of Gambia is the smallest nation in mainland Africa, bordered on three sides by Senegal, with its Atlantic Ocean coastal area to the west. The nation is only 30 miles across at its widest point and extends to the east into the mainland following the path of Gambia River, from which the country gets its name.

The country is home to an estimated 1,700,000 people with a third of the population living in poverty, making less than the international poverty line of $1.25 US per day. The economy of Gambia is dominated by agriculture with the majority of the country’s citizens working in the farming or fishing industries. The tourism industry is also very important for the Gambian economy, and many of the country’s citizens are employed in that industry.
Gambia is one of Africa’s oldest multi-party democracies, and they have enjoyed free elections every five years since gaining its independence from Great Britain on February 18, 1965 except for a short period of military rule in the early 1980’s due to a failed coup attempt.


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