The Kingdom of Morocco is a North African country ruled by a constitutional monarchy, with a parliament elected by its citizens.  The King of Morocco is much more than a figure head however, wielding extensive power’s to create laws and if he chooses, to dissolve parliament. The Alaouite dynasty has been the ruling house of morocco since 1666 and remains in power today.

The Spanish took control of the Northern territories of Morocco in 1860 and established a trade rivalry among other European nations and became a protector of the Northern and Saharan areas of the country in 1912, while France assumed the duties of protecting the rest of the country at that time due to the signing of the Treaty of Fez with Germany on March 30, 1912.  France turned out to be an oppressive occupier of Morocco, with strict rules preventing Moroccan’s from entering French controlled cities, and limiting basic human rights such as freedom of speech.  The oppressive policies of the French caused the people to rise up in opposition to the French occupation, demanding that their deposed King be allowed to return to Morocco.  France finally gave into the demands of the people and their King was returned to them in 1955.  Negotiations between the King and the French government resulted in Morocco declaring its independence on August 20, 1956.


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